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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  November 3, 2015 12:00am-1:01am EST

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it for us. thank you for being with us, general jack keane among our guests tomorrow night, until then, good night from new york >> >> i am back. and loved to watch people drowned in their own hubris taking issue with carly fiorina one dash carly fiorina for how she looks. >> she said people tell me i did not smile enough during the last debate. [laughter] >> can you imagine that?
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>> i love how joey said that would make a good halloween mask but don't worry she had a good cutback. >> there is nothing more threatening to the liberal media and to hillary clinton and a conservative woman so of course, there is a double standard maybe if i come back on again if they will have the guts to say that to my face. kennedy: that mouthpiece will only act to face it and claim it is a a misunderstanding when she goes back on the show this friday. if yes stand outside the circle of feminism we know they all stand for us they want to keep people dependent on government as possible to keith and in
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power it isn't about celebrating sisterhood to have a narrow hypocritical agenda i cannot think of anything less than powering with a season davis hillary clinton? no. because it is the allocated to all of subjugation the rest of us you don't have will on our eyes are less devoured by the wolves. >> dr. ron paul joins me about syria today in the initial -- the national debt has doubled, fourier's taylor slept with half to work to pay off 1%. more people are getting rid of their tattoos. i am so motivated that you were here.
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kennedy: day evening if carly fiorina is right i have our fox news contributor comedian and editor in chief of "reason" magazine. is this what feminism has become? >> i hope not i consider a result of feminist why are people mean to her writing she looks perfectly fine to hate when women go after other women flux is an excusable. women trash other women regardless of party or affiliation this is why women's think.
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>> but don't say hillary is off-limits then if you trash one been trashed them all the dull gleam making fun of hillary clinton is sexes did you do the same thing. >> i totally agree. >> what is there to balance out? should people bad mouth hillary clinton? >> of course, any politician who walks into that camera in smiles be demented. if lindsey granted that you would think it is demented but to your point it is exactly where i have seen carvey speak a few times she had a 15 minutes dum speech dash leave a lot of profits on the table if you don't hire women. >> she worked for a lot less
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money but it is threatening to the concept of feminism why people flee from the term even if they live their lives in a way of an objective measure. >> but it is the supporting other women and that is why have a problem with is there a dream ticket? >>. >> but to go back to the left. when it are the women on the view putting out their swimsuit calendar? >> everybody is trash.
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>> cal many do we get? >> is some people got the reaction that i got to pull themselves out of bed. via someone who'd disagrees then they say i have meet all fis. >> they said you were completely ugly. relax. >> paul ryan is the new house speaker into become dead g.o.p. bears getting a
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nice boost after the presidential debate. >> when they have to lampoon the democrats they have to get outside help because nobody on the cast is union of. so that even in third place he is the front runner and i agree that the contrast could not be more stark he has a lot of energy so yes they pass that although we have a book called the young guns and that did not turn out so well. [laughter] >> i think mccarthy was reading the book called young guns. [laughter] will this affect policy?
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with date snakes to the laws to spend a bunch of money? >> people put out the same policies it did not work the last couple times. >> from the optics' them point they look like a boy bin own. >> paul ryan is like p9dx. >>. >> if they say we should not shut down the government or
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as a negotiating tool paul brian makes that rule for that big government that we don't like. >> can you can go to is that the only thing he needs to change? this time on the middle eastern adventure.
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♪ kennedy: welcome back. and have to do better with the debates admitting his campaign is struggling a of little bit. >> i have to get better at the cute phrases in the debate a of the sound bites and asking -- not asking -- to a string of questions that people ask i have to play that game better. >> that key little phrases game so they got our panel
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is back. they are 15 on the intellect scale. >> he wants to jump off of the building. he doesn't want anything to do with this campaign the most revealing part was not like when marco rubio guided him like a fish they ask a question about this is the football -- fantasy football. he talked about his team then at the end that was the only moment he looked happy
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then he said maybe we should regulate this. he is talking to the universe before modern media or the two-party. kennedy: what is his big battle? >> remember on seinfeld when he converts and then said he was making jewish jokes? >> it is called knowing the attack from marco rubio is going to come in you can see at a mile away get ready. kennedy: that is a good point it is and the cutesy phrases or that clever repackaging your idea is that you don't have in the first place. that of the counter punch.
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>> so how bad is it? >> he looks like a cat getting a bath. [laughter] >> he reminds me of teddy rocks bin that bear the you put the cassette in the back. his eyes don't move. >> but here is the point that the rest of the candidates are ted. [laughter] >> but don't tell me about the fit is the football team. doesn't he look like he is in his 50s?
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go home and get a life. [laughter] >> we will return to remove the cigarette stench out of the office. and a grave warning about putting boots on the ground in syria. do we need another war in the middle east? stay right here.
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kennedy: last week the white house announced that special operation forces is part of
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the strategy to trade moderates against the caliphate. officials insist they are there to trade not to lead the charge. joining me now is former texas congressman dr. ron paul welcome back. >> base to be with you. what is this administration trying to do? >> idle think they know what they are doing it doesn't come across very well. with the exit strategy but a president who would end to wars but it is serious to jeopardize our national
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security and our financial situation this is the serious change of policy. kennedy: i do think it is very dangerous. when would you get into a conflict like syria? >> i would stay out of it but if i had to deal with it because i was in the military in the '60s we elected nixon to end the vietnam war and 30,000 died because they did not put down their foot to say no. this is not nearly as tragic but it could get worse. but you have to get support and counteract the ability
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to see the end of the world is coming. into say we've marched in and we can turn around and march home. >> but the propaganda from those on the right like senator lindsey graham but the use scare tactics like iran and syria get together they will create hegemony in the middle east. does america have to be involved to put this in a position of weakness if we are not? >> we don't have to be maybe a declaration of war but the
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a couple of years ago and then to get the resolution passed in the congress and then to do that anyway. but the big problem from our viewpoint it is a conservative position to be a little reserved to spend the money and eisenhower tried to board is how dangerous it is and the military-industrial complex has a lot to do with that. kennedy: we will switch to paul ryan he says he is a supply-siders' in a deficit hawk but what would it do
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for libertarians? i would be in a speaker brian? it could be the same thing he is not a libertarian but it is comical he said he read alan shrugged and the far left use that against him. he is so far right. he is not libertarian he is not a good conservative he is an interventionist. while most the opposite because he is a military interventionist supported by the military industrial complex. with the spending record that is bad with no child left behind and to get this
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recent budget passed if anybody thinks he is a conservative they're kidding themselves. >> but you say it you love him. >> coming up leonardo did capriole and his doppelganger. has he perfected technology? you watched the debate. now the magic of bad lipreading and the "topical storm" is next.
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kennedy: when you tripped over your jekyll lanterns come to me. >> you can train dogs to do all sorts of things because they are a man's best friend. sometimes they eat their orders after they died you can track a cat use a laser pointer and a cardboard box and a staircase.
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[laughter] he is only one snowdrift away so they get him a pulitzer. there are more awkward things that could happen when you are skydiving having a heart attack is embarrassing. o when your flight gets caught. that is a bummer. he is daintily and over gravity his leg got caught on the ramp he hung there for half an hour he finally cut is peons loose fortunately he made it okay ability valuable lesson skydive naked.
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that reminds me we totally have the same hair. leonardo -- leonardo di caprio has swedish competition a luscious of a passing resemblance to the titanic. just a few millimeters off than he says it can be in knowing sometimes.
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is a roughly translates. >> stop cutting your hair. >> during the debates. >> pinto. >> can i help you? satellite how she stares it is super creepy i can say where babies come from without you blinking at me. >> chocolate and cinnamon. >> i spent $5 on a pinata. >> jedi get a scooter? >> my wife thinks it is bitter time. [laughter] and to finally make sense.
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but i will never get those precious hours of my life. the elevator is not on the ticket. it is on a travel bought as if the segue had babies and everyone was lazy. >>. [laughter] ♪ i love it. dearth cater has taught us a valuable lesson.
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♪ kennedy:. john peter was a walking cigarette filter but his smoking habits is a lingering in the speaker's office. >> had to get the smell of smoke out? >> with these ozone machines to detoxify the environment but will have to get a company in here to tell you go to a hotel room? that is what this smells like. [laughter] >> key is still smiling. >> the rumors are true. >> are you offended that he
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was smoky in his office? >> i used to partaken of cigarettes you have to sit in the fishbowl like you are the losers that have to do this. that made me quit. [laughter] and he gets to smoke in the privacy of his office? >> but the smell could be worse. >> i would hate to be the guy after dennis pastor to. [laughter] >> i know we were talking about. [laughter] >> does he like mine rand? >> because he had a copy of al a shrug when he was running for vice president he said no. i reject that ideology.
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>>. >> i got through it. but the real philosophy that the der post is reporting end we all know that the trip stamp they regret and the removal has skyrocketed in more getting there is removed. but should they? should really just get back to a tattoos on spring break?
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>> you have no idea. i hate it. >> but then tomorrow with an export. you have kids and i have kids. every single person in america today. is that true? >> it seems like it would be impossible. >> i in the only person in all of the work that does not have a tattoo. when you are 75 then they are saggy.
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>> with that creepage. and then those tomato cans then they got a hard. >> so think about changing tiger woods has released a new memoir. it was like i was his slave. and to cause him personally. but tiger woods?
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>> if you is still relevant has said gulf rigo pull the rip cord. but he blew tiger of. he leaked his affair because he was traveling with him on the two were with the reason the affair happened but white you like him now because he is a relevant. talk about getting to the orgy after the girls went home. [laughter] they said he was a tyrant he was also been. but i hate when people do this. but there is absolutely no way you did not know his sordid mistresses. >> you work with him and it
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is only two years? how closely did day work together? >> he threw the golf club. >> put a scarf on the. [laughter] budget it is of little bit unbelievable. >> and many states and another two years. doesn't have a statute of
12:45 am
limitations? >> and then blowing dead tiger things sky-high. how bad? >>. >> it is amazing. it is suspect couple of late -- a couple of weeks. >> they called off the divorce issues also dating another guy. is like they are placating. kennedy: bb it is for the h insurance. >> maybe with the kardashian [laughter] >>.
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>> already drowning in christmas music how many do we have to roundup to pay off the debt? and those that opposed the next republican debate. it is at 9:00 p.m. eastern. we live in a pick and choose world.
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>> no better christmas present to have this type of stability to allow the
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economy to grow at a time when the weakness of the economy around the world that puts us on a responsible path to make sure the american people are the beneficiaries. kennedy: a christmas present with the signing of the new budget deal 1.$5 trillion to the national debt it was nearly doubled under his watch and also to break it down. the weather is the highest paid athletes in the world into pay off the debt he would have to fight every single day for 341 years. bill gates we would have to seize his lifetime of earnings if he lived to the
12:51 am
aged to under 29. taylor's left would have to have a concert every day for three years. local is joining me right now. >> he calls this responsible or a christmas present i faded a disaster. >> christmas to thousand three with the levels have world war ii levels and our children were graduating college walking around saying how will we find our government? >> with $18 trillion i wish it was the exception in which we doubled the bush -- of the bush presidency as
12:52 am
well. >> sobel sides have there he did this. >> but if i think of a family declaring bankruptcy. >> to talk about concern now about this issue? because the people who get the shaft are not born yet or they cannot speak for themselves imagine passing on the debt to future generations if we would pass it to people with brown hair that is an outrage. to is because they cannot speak for it. why is nobody talking about debt as a social justice issue?
12:53 am
>> and friday against government waste he said just servicing the debt will cost $1 trillion per year. >> the interest alone it is ludicrous. the bad news continues if you just take social security and medicare it would be $50 trillion right now there is no way we can do that so it crushes the future generations now big about what they cannot do interest rates are higher and inflation is up is that setting up anybody for success? >> when images rates start to go up that i understand how people will save for college or start businesses with the democratic party say have paid family leave
12:54 am
they put that in the ordinary place to leave -- to live ordinary lives of no flexibility and the tories. >> is easy to be upset about i wish somebody could turn the corner to say talk about how to fix this for the sake of the people coming after us. there will be a lot of people that don't like their dad going up is a travesty but turned the corner talk about what we can do to fix it to a set of future generations for success so that he has to embrace a new quality. >> i am worried they will only spend money they died you are here to you get this out. beautifully done. november 2nd already here christmas carols let the
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